Monday, 25 February 2013

Book Launch - The Pimlico Tapes

A.K. Anders has launched the book 'The Pimlico Tapes'.

In 2009 the author, A.K. Anders, purchased a large property in Pimlico, South-west London, with the intention of converting the 4 storey Victorian property into flats. The building had previously been used as business premises, with an architects practice on the upper floors and a psycho-therapist in the basement. While clearing rubbish from the basement, Anders discovered an old box of audio tapes in a locked filing cabinet. Later he discovered the tapes were recordings of sexual therapy consultations. Many of these revealed intriguing case scenarios. Some patients even seemed to be well known personalities of the 70's and 80's. Anders made enquiries and found that the eminent therapist/doctor of his time had retired and since died. Publishing the transcripts was a difficult decision, Anders says, but one he felt might help others plagued by sexual problems or those with an interest in human sexual behaviour. The result is fascinating, and compulsive reading.

Anders warns, "To many, the book will be shocking. To them I say, it is life. What is sure is that for many of us, these cases are like a mirror placed in front of our own thoughts... if not deeds."

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