Monday, 18 March 2013

Are You a Sexual Voyeur?

The Sexual Voyeur

For most of us in the western world, it conjures up images of a man in a dirty macintosh, hanging around in seedy cinemas by night or lurking behind trees in the park. But in truth, are we not all voyeurs of a type. Most adults or adolescents would indulge in sexual voyeurism, would they not?  Imagine yourself on a train at night, stopped on the line waiting on a signal out in the wilds somewhere, alone in a carriage. Another train pulls alongside and you find yourself looking into a sleeper carriage. A woman is lifting a suitcase onto the overhead rack. A man comes into view and slips in behind her, lifting her dress and fondling her thighs. Running his hands over her lace trimmed underwear. She turns and smiles seductively. He removes her knickers . She raises her bottom towards him. In the dark of your carriage you can't be seen. At this point are you going to draw the curtains? Might you have done so at the first hint of intimacy between them? Of course not. We are all fascinated by what others do in the bedroom and more-so what they might get up to in a sleeper-carriage. It is human nature. Imagine if we could hear such experiences described by those with sexual problems in consultation with their sex-therapist. How fascinating that would be. Imagine no longer, now that AK. Anders has published The Pimlico Tapes. Download the book now or read a sample on Amazon.

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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Pimlico Tapes - FREE TILL MONDAY!

The Pimlico Tapes - An enlivening revelation, and compulsive reading

A.K. Anders shocking new book is FREE until the early hours of Monday 18th March.

The book has been described thus: "Anders has activated a literary time-bomb. Many will be shocked by what goes on behind the curtains of staid English people, who on the surface appear to be conservative and restrained. It is refreshing. An enlivening revelation, and compulsive reading."

The book is a set of transcripts of sex-therapy sessions recorded by the therapist back in the 1970's and 80's. The therapist, a likeable older gentleman, requires his patients to be frank and open with him and it must be said, he generally succeeds. What is revealed may offend some, but nobody can fail to be fascinated. Each case is presented in a simple, matter-of fact manner of a straight transcript with the therapist sensitively encouraging his patient to tell us about their activities, their fantasies and obsessions. These revelations are undeniably arousing, but they are also instructive. Few of us could read these cases and not find similarities in our own experiences and this can be extremely helpful. Most, I would imagine, will read it for the entertainment value but this book, unlike most erotic literature, may well prove beneficial to those with little experience or with repressed sexual desires and a background of disapproval.

Click 'buy now' to go to Amazon & get it free. All we ask is you place a review afterwards.