The Pimlico Tapes by A.K. Anders

The Pimlico Tapes is a collection of case histories. The tapes are recordings of an eminent sex-therapist practising in the 1970's - 80's in consultation with his patients. The patients, along with their problems and idiosyncrasies, vary a great deal. But one thing is common. To the average person they are compulsive reading. We see how the therapist skilfully eases information out of his patients. How he looks for the underlying problems, obsessions, dark motivations. Then we see how he builds their trust in him and begins to help them find solutions to their problems. He rarely tells them. Rather, the patients more often than not feel they have come about the solutions themselves. Many of the cases are shocking. Not all the patients are likeable or worthy of pity. But none of them are boring.

Each case is a transcription. Usually taken from several therapy sessions. While they are formal and rather matter of fact, they are undeniably entertaining. This gives most readers a sense of voyeurism – as if they are listening to something they shouldn't be allowed to hear. What the reader overhears is intimate. The therapist demands openness from his patients. The honesty and explicitness of the conversations is startling and rare in literature. But, as Anders says, it is life. The truth is often shocking.   Judge for yourself.

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