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Hanging Around In Bars & Cafes

The Honeypot
Most of us when we were teenagers, were told about places it was not safe to go. In these places we might find people who would lead us into temptation. Often we were not exactly told what this temptation was – just that things that seemed attractive to us might lead to harm. Most of us were told stories at school about bad men (usually) who would offer to show us kittens or puppies, or take us somewhere where we could eat cakes and sweets to our heart's content. If we followed these bad men or got into their car we would likely never be seen again. Of course there have been cases like this and it is a terrible thing, but once we become adults we can forget these stories, right?
Wrong. Many of us never really forget these stories or the feelings of fear they instilled into us when we were small. As a result we live, even as adults, in fear of bad men with candy bars or someone under our bed waiting to chop off our feet. This is present in most of us, but generally only to a small extent. It is locked away somewhere in the dark recesses of our minds. But for a few of us it is ever present and very much at the front of our minds. For these people, meeting an attractive stranger can be petrifying. But it is complicated. For these people fear and sexual excitement can blur into one. They are afraid and yet they seek it out – constantly putting themselves in danger in order to experience a sexual thrill. For some they may go through with a sexual encounter, but for others they never go that far. The mere risk of standing on the corner of a dark street outside a bar in a city, being looked at or propositioned by strangers, is enough to thrill them to the point of ecstasy. And yet they are rigid with fear.

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It has been brought to my attention by the 'victims' of the experience, that girls who are educated by nuns in convent boarding schools, develop an obsession with boys / men and sex. Far from accepting what the nuns tell them about sex being evil, not for pleasure but for procreation etc. and men being dangerous, violent, sexually out of control beasts, these girls will do almost anything to meet boys and have sex with them. So don't the nuns realise this?
Well there is also a well known theory out there that the Catholic church being dominated by men, these men are most desirous of girls being brought up in this way. It is for gratifying the sexual desires of the men that these girls are hot-housed (I use the term advisedly). Keep calm, father, it's just a theory.

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Dens Of Sin & Debauchery
Unload a bus full of teenage boys and girls close to the Red Light District of any city and watch what happens. Such places are a honeypot for virile young people. They would be fascinated enough under any circumstances, but given that at least in the Western world they will all have been warned of the dangers, they will find it all the more enticing. It is not a fascination that wears off - not really. Sexual desire does drop off as humans mature, but fascination for what they are told they should steer clear of does not. They have also been told to steer clear of alcohol and drugs but that doesn't deter people either. Many have long since stopped believing these old wives tales. They have been playing with themselves for years and still they haven't gone blind. So why hold back? Why not jump right in?

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Fear Of Getting Caught
What stops most of us from indulging ourselves in what we are told is 'sin' and 'debauchery' is the fear of getting caught. The fear that others who know us – our families, our bosses and our neighbours – will find out and brand us as disgusting. That these people will tell everyone to keep their children away from us. This is why so called red light districts – streets of shame as some call them – flourish in cities. This affords people a certain amount of anonymity. Many of the customers one will find in such areas are in fact tourists from other places – other countries even. The Japanese are fairly up-front about getting sexual pleasure in brothels or with acquaintances in so called 'Love Hotels,' but it does not stop large parties of well-to-do middle-aged Japanese women going abroad and turning up by the coach load in the likes of Hamburg's Reeperbahn. So what are our societies so afraid of? If we simply told each other to go and get your rocks off with whoever is willing for a few dollars or deutschmarks, would society suddenly break down. Would men and women run amok, like crazed beasts copulating on pavements and park benches? Perhaps for a day or two, but otherwise I think not.

Elderly Japanese women have a big sexual appetite but get cold easily. 
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Before you start thinking that the world I have conjured up is some kind of sexual nirvana, I want you to hesitate for a moment. Think about nudity. Despite what many people think, after only a short time (minutes not hours) of everyone walking around naked, people forget about sexual attraction. Men do not walk around with erections. I know this from a spell of naturism in my youth. It is the mystique that is exciting – a glimpse of a man's muscular stomach as he stretches to lift a box from a truck. The slightly raised signature of a policewoman's nipples through a well-ironed white blouse. This is why there is so much money in selling underwear. The point I am making is that if we held nothing back – ran around offering ourselves to whoever we fancied, displaying our sexuality blatantly for all to see, then we would soon get bored with it. The pornography industry would die for a start and people would wear underwear for comfort only. Deadly dull. So before you begin calling for ever-greater sexual openness, give a thought to the subject of titillation.

Things To Remember When Visiting Streets Of Shame

1. Wear loose clothing - sweat is uncomfortable if you get overheated, and for men loose trousers help to hide an unruly erection.

2. Clean your teeth / use mouthwash. Street-women love chatting to potential customers but you will get far better offers if you are not breathing dog-breath in their faces.

3. Ladies – The Full Monty is just a film. Most men cannot perform on demand, so make yourself look enticing and tease them a bit.

4. The larger establishments have the benefit of being well regulated, but you may get a more personalised service by picking up 'freelancers' in the surrounding area. Hairdressers, barbers and nailbars are often more fruitful than bars.

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5. Obviously, don't go out with loads of cash, credit cards or an expensive watch. Surprisingly most sex-workers don't work for pleasure and are always desperate for cash.

6. Go for a wee first and switch off your phone. Nothing pisses off a sex-worker more than customers who hold up proceedings with a weak bladder or a call from their wife / husband / child's headmaster.

7. Be nice. These people have a hard time, that's how they got there.

8. Finally, don't try inviting your sex-worker to meet for lunch or a drink later. They do not want your friendship, they just want your money then to be left alone. They probably have a boyfriend or girlfriend to cook dinner for anyway.

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  1. Dear Axel, I especially like the humour you inject into this often sleazy process. Have you thought of publishing one of those step by step guides – "Debauchery For Dummies," or something similar?